Scouts chapter 3 (Draft 1) – black armor

Moved this to chapter 3. Chapter 2 (draft1) incoming after throwing away two pre-drafts.

Everything was dark when Wakefield awoke and he couldn’t remember a thing. For a moment he just lay there breathing into the tight space of his armor. He tried moving his right arm but it didn’t react. He remembered falling. When the crashing behind him started he immediately put up his helmet and turned Ceres to face the danger. Then he and Ceres fell down the cliff.

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Stop reading the news.

Hi Past Mike,

Future Mike here.

First things first: “Fake news” is not a word in your time and I’m not talking about absurd conspiracy theories. Also, I’m not talking about truth and opinion or about any political agenda that might or might not be forced in the media you consume.

Let’s assume all news is correct and objective.

You should still stop consuming it.

Let me explain.

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There are no shortcuts!

Hi Past Mike,

Future Mike here.

There is something very important that I and that means you failed to understand for a long time.

Many people, you included, believe there are shortcuts and hacks to money, power, love, skill and all the other things that are important to them. This belief is terribly wrong and few are more destructive.

So please listen to me and don’t fall for it.

Let me explain.

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