ASU2 – Back to Game Development

Games were always a part of my life. I love the medium, even when it sometimes consumed more of my time than it should have. Developing games was one of the most successfull ventures of my life. Not that I earned a single cent, but I learned faster and more than ever before and after. Since I now have to get some C# experience for work I’m starting a new project. Working Title: “A Strange Universe 2”.

About 4 years ago I went serious about game development for one year. I quit my job and started developing an MMO. It failed, obviously. No one can handle a project of that size and make it pay your bills within a year. But I had learned enough to be a decent developer and get back into the industry without much trouble.

It was a fun, but also scary experience. I learned my lessons and won’t do the same mistakes twice. I’m a father now and quite satisfied with my job at the moment so no way I rush head first into an adventure like that again. Still there is that itch that is following me since then. I aimed high and got something valuable back that helps me a lot nowadays. I still missed the mark though.

So one of my new years resolutions is: develop a game within 12 months and publish it on steam.

It will be the continuation of a 2D topdown space shooter that I developed for an Indie game contest back in 2016 which was called “A Strange Universe”. I plan on giving regular updates on the project so check the blog out from time to time.

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