Educational vs. Informational: Why I love Scishow.

I love science content, especially Scishow. The internet is providing us with more than a lifetime of information about any topic we could come up with. You can find scientifically proven answers to a question no one asked and some no one should be asking. (like: Are full or empty beer bottles sturdier and does their fracture-threshold suffice to break the human skull?)

But how does that benefit you? Is all information equal? Does it matter how we use information?

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Stop reading the news.

Hi Past Mike,

Future Mike here.

First things first: “Fake news” is not a word in your time and I’m not talking about absurd conspiracy theories. Also, I’m not talking about truth and opinion or about any political agenda that might or might not be forced in the media you consume.

Let’s assume all news is correct and objective.

You should still stop consuming it.

Let me explain.

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There are no shortcuts!

Hi Past Mike,

Future Mike here.

There is something very important that I and that means you failed to understand for a long time.

Many people, you included, believe there are shortcuts and hacks to money, power, love, skill and all the other things that are important to them. This belief is terribly wrong and few are more destructive.

So please listen to me and don’t fall for it.

Let me explain.

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