How to quit computer games

Hi Past Mike,

Future Mike here.

This is your Steam account in 2018. Close to 1000 games! Cool huh?

Nono, don’t panic! I know you want to quit! I’ll tell you how.

When you read this you worry a lot about gaming. I know because you always did. And yeah maybe you are playing to much. But before we go on: everything will be fine. I promise!

Remember that Novice level 98. “Damn I died! Two weeks of leveling for nothing!” Guess what? The Ragnarok EU Servers are down now. All progress, gone! Lol!

You will play a lot well into your thirties! Before I tell you how you’ll quit here is some advice:

  • you won’t have a good grade on your final school report. Thank god you’ll still make it. So… yeah… do a little better I guess? But if gaming helps, keep at it. It was a hard time. Just learn half an hour and meet with friends every day ok?
  • you will totally screw up college! Screw that year! Get into Ragnarok, build an aco, go to amatzu, heal skeletons to death the whole year until you found her! Then quit the shit! Don’t mess it up by learning! You are not an engineer anyway. Best spent year ever!
  • every cent and every hour spent on f2p games is totally wasted. No exception.
  • Eve online is not for you. Just don’t.
  • Play only games that are hard, have a good story or that your friends play with you. I only remember these.
  • start dwarf fortress. The shit is hilarious!
  • start making your own games now! No you’ll never make money out of it, but you’ll learn to code and that will matter!

All in all. Yeah, you’ll waste a lot of time. But it isn’t that bad. Gaming helped you from time to time. It’ll get you friends, fun and your wife. That’s something. In fact, it’s everything. You just could have it cheaper by following my advice.

But you want to quit, don’t you? It’s because you feel empty. You feel like you should be doing something else. But you don’t know what. Choosing what to do feels hard. But its simple. Gaming will help you.

You already did stop. Remember?

You did stop when that girl was more important. You did stop when coding was more important. You did stop when writing was more important. It didn’t last forever. But it was a hint.

Gaming is an addiction. If something is so important that it makes you stop, you shouldn’t quit that. Follow that lead. You are playing because nothing more important is on your mind. If something makes you stop, its a direction you should follow. Believe me. You’ll come back anyway.

I’m 32 now. I didn’t play for at least 3 months. I wish you had followed these things because they made you stop gaming and made me stop now:

  • coding, just get in there. It’s so much fun.
  • Reading. You love to read! I know you don’t believe me but you do! Remember those nights as a kid. Those books were nothing!  There is so much more out there!
  • Writing. Remember that horrible scifi story that you wrote? It was bad, yes. But you shouldn’t have stopped. Just write another one. And another.
  • Learning. Get into AI and you’ll start learning again. It isn’t boring when you know what you do it for.

Just follow these things. No, they won’t always feel fun. Games are made to trigger dopamine every x seconds. Real stuff doesn’t work like that. Just keep at it. Every day. Maybe 30 Minutes to an hour. Routine is key. Getting better fills the void and makes you feel better.


Future Mike

P.S. Diablo 3 will be horrible. Stop at Assassins Creed 2. Stop at Final Fantasy 10. Fallout OP! Don’t level Up in Dark Souls 1 and 3. Skip Dark Souls 2. You should like Total war but you don’t. Never play League of Legends without friends, disable the chat. Auto Shotgun or SMGs in CS. Hearthstone no, just no! Path of Exile: It’s your power supply. Get a new one and don’t waste 2 weeks troubleshooting. The game is good but f2p so you won’t remember a thing. If you ever touch a clicker game I’ll cut your hands off!




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